Beach Event Permits

Beach Event Permits

The Planning and Development Services Division, Processing Team is responsible for the issuance of beach permits which includes, beach items, beach vending, jet ski vending, outdoor events, para-sail vending, temporary beach driving, and special events (includes weddings on the beach).

On February 17th, the BCC passed Resolution 2017-6 which set the fees for special events.  The fees listed below will be charged per event.

$50.00 for less than 10 people
$150.00 for 10 to 30 people
$250.00 for 31 to 50 people
$500.00 for 51 to 75 people
$1,000.00 for 76+ people

Developments of Regional Impact (DRI's) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD's) shall submit a calendar of events for the calendar year and be subject to a fee of $1,000.00 per calendar year.

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